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Track the number of jobs listings each day to better understand the hiring plans of an individual company. This data set can be filtered by location, position, and industry . Certain positions and locations can be indicators of internal activity such as who the company is hiring as well as how quickly a company is expanding into a new market. Users will be able to see the overall number of job listings over time for a company giving insight into growth. Job listings is one of the drivers of turnover, since it takes more resources to hire than fire employees.

Here's a list of the Tech Companies that have the most Job Listing Growth MOM (%):

Here's an example of showing the number of open job listings at Apple over time:

Here’s a simple query to see the number of open positions by category over time Apple job openings by category:

In the article below, you will be able to see an example of how to use this data set:
Apple hiring spree continues with ferocity - here's what they're hiring for (and where)

Here is the link for the documentation on the columns for this dataset:Columns Definition

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